A fast motorbike racer is always one who rides with passion. Our job is simply to give him the instrument to feel it: OUR PROOF OF PASSION.

Eskil Suter

Everybody who has ever experienced a ride on a former 500cc two stroke GP bike knows that this is the top of motorcycle racing. When the infernal howling goes through like teeth on edge; going at an insane speed and still a spinning rear wheel!

In all racing history there was however never a 500cc two stroke full spec road race machine available to the public. Only a small quantity of factory machines were produced and leased to the GP race teams...

So almost none of these bikes
have ever reached the open market.

– Until now –

Worldwide two stroke enthusiasts would like to own such a racing machine.
We from Suter Racing heard their call. We dedicated ourselves to build a limited edition of the first ever V4 500cc two-stroke factory bike for the public. We were so anxious that we ended up having a displacement of 576ccm… Who could blame us?

The beast is back. Just a real GP motorcycle...